One Good Thing #4

This week has mostly been about the little things, and I think that's pretty lovely!

*I finally had a baking win after a series of baking disasters. My chocolate shortbread experiment worked pretty well, and tasted rather good! I'm back in the game!
*Fresh coffee in the morning in my sweet little Border Terrier mug.
*Speaking of Border Terriers, I'm seeing the puppies at the weekend! Hoorah!
* I treated myself to a new pair of shoes after payday, a pair of trainers I've had my eye on for a year now. The best bit was, they were half price! There's definitely some moral about patience in there somewhere…
*Earlier in the week I went for a stroll and found some conkers. We then had a little conker tournament in the garden, and i won! Not that I'm competitive or anything…
*My favourite month of the year arrived today! I'm celebrating with burgundy clothing and pumpkin flavoured everything!

What's your one good thing this week?