One Good Thing #5

cosy1 *Although posting on here has become a little erratic again, these positive thinking posts have become a constant, and I like that. It’s helping me to post more regularly, to stay inspired, and to think happy thoughts.
*I had a lovely weekend at home with family, and puppies. It turns out the dogs have been given my bed, so I had two furry companions hogging the duvet and secretly didn’t mind one bit.
*I bought new stationery, which I think I love buying even more than makeup and cacti. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a new folder and a fresh pack of highlighters.
*It’s cold, meaning Autumn is most certainly here. I’m back in scarves, jumpers, and all my favourite clothes! Even though it's pouring with rain today, it means I can snuggle inside next to the radiator with the fairy lights on, and I rather like that.
*Being back at Uni means seeing my lovely group who I’ve definitely missed over the long summer break. It also means we’re on the final leg of the course, which is rather exciting!
*I have a new phone! I’m in love with it, it’s super fast and the amazing little camera means I can Instagram to my heart’s content.
*Speaking of instagram, I reached 4,000 followers on there this week! It's a bit of a mind-boggling number, but it definitely put a smile on my face.
*I've just signed in to see that there are now 1,000 of you lovely people on here, and that is something quite incredible. Thank you all for your love, reading and comments. You're all amazing!

 What’s your one good thing for this week?

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