One Good Thing #6

*Pumpkins. I bought my first pumpkins of the season, and I bought, well, 9. Safe to say I looked a little strange with a trolley full of only orange fruit in the supermarket. Not quite sincerity, as far as the eye can see*, but due to to the lack of local pumpkin patches, Sainsbury's had to do. I'm excited to get carving, roasting and baking!
*I was so pleased with my pumpkins, I took a picture of myself, with my face free from makeup that I actually liked enough to put on the internet. Just a silly little thing, but that doesn't happen very often.
*I finally picked up the last bit of furniture needed for my room/office, so it's nearly organised and completed. I'm absolutely loving having my own space to work in, I find it's really supporting and encouraging creativity, now that I have a place to carry out my ideas in.
*I bought a load of Essie nail polishes on sale at FragranceDirect recently, meaning I have wintery burgundy nail shades for days! There will be a haul post coming soon on that one!
*I went back through some photos I took in July, and surprised myself at how far my photography skills have improved since then. I actually felt quite proud of myself looking back at them, it's always good to stop every once in a while to check your progression.
*We finally braved the slow cooker after months of it sitting in the cupboard, turns out it was SO easy to use, and we had the most amazing Mexican Pulled Pork for dinner. Definitely worth a try!

What's your one good thing for this week?

*10 points to you if you get that reference.

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