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zoellabeauty I'm pretty sure we're about to witness a new age of bloggers taking over the universe. It's fascinating to watch, and be a part of a brand new industry that is developing almost by the day. I think back to when I first started reading blogs not all that many years ago, and look to where it is now, and it is actually mind blowing. One of the more recent developments has come in the form of products designed by our favourite bloggers, and I wanted to feature one of the latest releases today: Zoella Beauty.

As soon as I saw the new range by Zoe Sugg, I knew I'd need to get my hands on it. The pink and rose gold, lacy polkadot packaging is every girly blogger's dream and something that would look right at home in my beauty collection. It would make the perfect gift too, as a bath range I think it would appeal to younger beauty lovers out there. I was lucky enough to try out three products from the range, a makeup bag, the fragranced candle and the fizz bar.

The candle is the perfect light, daytime scent, I have it on my desk and love having it burning while I'm working. It's sweet and floral but also very fresh, and comes in a lovely little tin. As a bubble bath lover, I'm loving the fizz bar for an easy bit of luxury. I always seem to be out of bath bombs when I want one, so I love that the fizz bar is 8 in one, shaped like a bar of chocolate that you can break off and add into the bath. My favourite products though has to be the makeup bag. It has a silky pink interior and I'm pleased to say that it actually fits everything I need, including my largest makeup brushes. I can comfortably fit in my makeup, moisturiser and tangle teaser into it and pop the whole thing into my bag without taking too much space. I'm actually quite tempted to get another one as a pencil case, it's such a useful size for carrying useful things around with you. On my shopping list is the Blissful Mistful fragrance mist and the Soak Opera Bubble Bath, I'm a big fan of the scent of this range so can't wait to try it out in some other forms!

Have you tried anything from this range yet? What did you think?

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