Brighton: Jamie's Italian

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Earlier in the week, Loz and I were very kindly invited along to Jamie's Italian in Brighton to try out some of their tasty treats. As a bit of a foodie I was rather excited, I'd heard only good reviews about the restaurant and so was very keen to check it out for myself. I'm really pleased to report it completely lived up to our expectations, and we had a wonderful evening!

Neither had eaten much during the day and so were a little overexcited when it came to ordering, after one peek at the menu I think we could have happily ordered one of everything. For starters we went for the Artisan Bread Basket, the Crab Bruschetta and the Cured Meats Platter. The one thing that surprised us both were the portion sizes. They were far bigger than expected, and with a main on the way, we probably would have both been perfectly happy with just the one between us! They were absolutely delicious, the Crab Bruschetta being a personal favourite, it was light and fresh but with a bite to it with just the right amount of spicy peppers.

For mains, Loz had a colossal burger, and I had an even bigger steak! Both were cooked to perfection and seasoned perfectly, a highlight for me was the super creamy slaw offset by spicy paprika chips, the meal as a whole worked so well together and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I had a bite (okay, a few) of Loz's burger too, and am tempted to try that next time I visit. The smoked ham in with the burger gave the whole thing an amazingly rich flavour, plus it was HUGE, a quality I look for in a burger!

The restaurant itself is lovely, it was warm, welcoming and cosy as we came in after being battered by the winds of Brighton seafront. The staff were all super friendly and helpful, and the whole experience was such a treat! If you're looking for somewhere for a meal out in Brighton, I'd definitely recommend checking out Jamie's, as we had such a lovely time!

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