Christmas at The Body Shop

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A little while ago I was very kindly invited along to a wonderful evening showcase of the new products available at The Body Shop this Christmas. As they have done in previous years, they have teamed up with a charity partner to do something good while creating magical gifts to give and receive. This year, when you buy one of their gorgeous Christmas gift sets, Warchild will be able to send a child to school. By the end of the Christmas season, they are hoping to have been able to send 6 million children, which is absolutely amazing! I always buy gift sets at The Body Shop at this time of year, so it's amazing to know that you're helping children out, while buying lovely things in the process.

During the evening we we're shown around the new sets, and given an amazing walk through the history of their classic Musk scents by the amazingly knowledgeable Odette Toilette, from the sweet beginnings of White Musk Libertine, along to the new, sultry and exciting Red Musk, which is brand new this season.

The three Christmas ranges this season are Frosted Cranberry (a personal favourite), Vanilla Brulee, and the brand new Glazed Apple, which I have to say smells absolutely delicious! My absolute favourite of the gift sets are the 'Schoolbooks', featuring each of the three scents in a gorgeous 'book' box that would make such a gorgeous festive decoration too!

There are some stunning new beauty releases too, in the form of some super cute eyeshadow palettes, in Dolly Pastels (purples/pinks) and Frosted Pastels (mint/brown), a special edition Lip/Cheek Doll (red stain) and some amazing glittery products, a Glitter Liner and a Glitter Mascara, all perfect for festive parties!

Whether you're on the look out for Christmas gifts, or just something special to treat yourself with, it's definitely worth popping in to The Body Shop!

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