New Shoes

You know when you buy something that you just love SO much that you want to tell everyone you know about it? Well this is me doing that. Not boasting, just professing my complete and undying love for a pair of shoes. You know, as you do.

As a 'petite footed lady' (Size 2), heels don't come easily. In fact, it's really once in a blue moon that I find a pair that fit, so finding out that New Look have a whole host of pretty shoes in small sizes was a fairly magical moment. There weren't tears, but we came pretty close. When they arrived through my door though, I had one of those moments where you just hold your breath and pray that they fit. And they did. And it was almost as if an angelic chorus rang out, and I felt a bit like Cinderella (at the end, not all the stressful stuff in the middle). So that's the story of my new shoes. Happy Sunday!

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