november Oh hello November!
How did you get here so fast? This year is flying by.

This month I am going to…

Eat better. My system doesn't feel so good at the moment, so it's time for a reboot. This month I'm going to avoid sweets, junk and added sugar, and switch processed food for fresh and a whole lot of vegetables. I always feel better when I do!
Take more pictures, for no reason at all. I'm spending loads of time taking photos for blogs, writing and work, but forgetting to take some just for fun. I'm going to make sure I take my camera whenever I go somewhere.
Stay at the bottom of my to do list, rather than the top. I got myself into the mentality of 'oh I'll do the rest later', which isn't the best for productivity. This month I plan on doing one more then when I feel like stopping, to try and get more done!

Do you have any November Resolutions?

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