One Good Thing #7


*Bonfire Night. I actually had a night in on Bonfire Night itself, but I've absolutely loved seeing the nights lit up by fireworks. They are probably my favourite things to take pictures of too, so that has been a lot of fun. And with bonfire night of course, comes sparklers! I just love sparklers.
*The dark nights are setting in, and for once, I don't mind so much. To combat the darkness I set up my tree nice and early, so spending the evening feeling cosy on the sofa by the glow of the Christmas lights is really rather lovely.
*Feeling inspired. I've been pretty exhausted and a little under the weather recently which has stopped me doing as many things as I'd have liked, but I have been feeling inspired for the future. I've been putting together a list of goals, which has proved to be really helpful in making my future plans seem a whole lot more real, and that is really exciting!

What's your one good thing for this week?

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