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Effaclar 3-Step Anti Blemish System ℅ La Roche-Posay

It's taken me a very long time, but I think I've finally got to grips with my skincare routine. If you're a beauty lover, I'm sure you can understand the urge to constantly buy new things and keep trying them out, but unfortunately for product addicts, I have learned that the key to a good routine is consistency, and simplicity. I've actually been left with far dryer skin than I used to have from constantly switching and changing between products, but my skin has been so much calmer and happier from settling into a routine.

The key to building a routine is working out what you need, and finding the products that do the job. For me, my main issue is having blemish and acne prone skin, and therefore the leftover scarring, dark patches and large pores. You might remember me posting a while back about La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo + Treatment, including before and after pictures of a problem patch. I had such great success with the little tube (it's the only thing I've found that keeps the issue at bay), that I thought I'd try out some more products from the Effaclar range. I picked up the cleansing gel and toner in the above set, and have been so impressed that they are now the basis of my whole routine. Supporting the Duo+ treatment, they keep my skin clear from spots, balanced and are doing a pretty amazing job at bringing down the scarring and dark patches. If you have any of these problems with your own skin, then I can't recommend picking up this set enough, it's a great way of trying out the range, and might be just what you need to save your skin!

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