Something Special: A Glitter Globe

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Eliot Raffit Vintage Globe Bauble - c/o Harrods

Well I made the decision, I don't think there's much point in putting it off any longer, I am now in full time Christmas mode! My absolute favourite part of Christmas is the decorating. Coming home to a house covered with twinkling lights, sparkle and festive loveliness makes it feel so much more welcoming than usual. Since moving out a few years ago, Loz and I have been slowly but surely growing our decoration collection, and it has become a real treat at this time of year to hunt down the prettiest, most perfect decoration to add to our tree. Harrods have the most stunning selection of Christmas decorations on offer at the moment, which not only make extra special mementos to add to your tree, but would also make beautiful gifts to treat someone special with. This absolutely stunning globe bauble, the newest addition to our tree, has become my absolute favourite thing on it. The delicate globe covered with glowing, sparkling glitter catches the light from all angles, and looks right at home nestled amongst the branches and other gold decorations. If you're looking for something extra special to add to your tree, have a look at Harrod's online selection, as there is a huge range suitable for all colour schemes and palettes, perfect for adding a rather magical bit of sparkle to your Christmas this year!

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