A Winter's Night: Tips on Hibernation

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Every year, about two weeks into November, I get the urge to hibernate. I genuinely wonder if I was a bear or squirrel or something similar in a previous life who crawled into a cosy little cave for the winter months, as I feel this lifestyle would suit me down to the ground. Sadly in a modern working society, this isn't so acceptable for some reason, so I have to get by in other ways. I'm not quite at the stage of burrowing into the undergrowth, but I have developed a love of staying in, and feel like I have the art of the cosy winter evening almost perfect.

There are three main ingredients -
1. Somewhere cosy. In Brighton this is under a chunky knitted blanket on the sofa in front of old sitcom reruns. In Wiltshire, this is in front of my parents' gorgeous wood burning stove. In both instances, it's warm, it's comfy and it's rather lovely!

2. Comforting companions. Pets make the best company in the winter time, because not only are they soft and furry, but they come with built in warmth. Slight problem though, they do steal your tasty, tasty chocolate. Human companions are often (slightly) better behaved.

3. Delicious sustenance. Being cold outside, you need to keep your energy levels up, and I'm pretty sure the only logical way to do this is through hot and toasty liquid chocolate. Enter Lindt. You know, makers of those deliciously rich and creamy chocolatey gold bears? Well it turns out they make hot chocolate too, and they very kindly sent me some to try out. I can report it is truly a thing of wonder, and I'm refusing to consume anything else until the warmth of spring rolls around. I personally can't think of a better way of keeping warm and satisfied over the winter!

Do you have any tips on staying cosy?

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