Christmas Gift Idea: Chocolate!

choc1 choc3 choc5
For the first time in living memory, I'm behind on my Christmas shopping. I'm normally wrapped by November, so leaving things this late in the game is making me feel a little nervous. This year I just struggled a bit with ideas on what to get people so have fallen back on classic gifts that I know people will love, and one of these of course, is Chocolate! Lindt very kindly sent me some of their Christmas gifts to try out, and I think they would make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover in your life, or just for someone in need of a treat!

The sets I thought were particularly lovely were the Lindt Bear and Hearts, made of their classic rich and decadent chocolate, featuring the iconic gold bear, and three little Lindor hearts, which would be perfect for sharing, or just for keeping all to yourself! I also think this set of Mini Santas makes perfect stocking fillers or little treats for little people, and I love that they come in a little pack that you can address with someone's name. My absolute favourite though, has to be this GIANT gold bear featured below. What a handsome chap! At a whopping 500g of Lindt chocolate, he's perfect for any chocolate fan or anyone with a sweet tooth, and doesn't he just look gorgeous in front of the Christmas tree! I'd recommend having a peek at Lindt's rather glorious selection if you're also stuck with gifts, as in my opinion, you just can't go wrong with chocolate!choc2

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