Christmas Jumpers

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Christmas Jumpers c/o Matalan

Those who know us personally will appreciate quite how special this post is. Loz, although a rather huge part of my life, stays a rather small part of this blog due to his dislike of having his picture taken. Therefore, you'll understand my sheer joy and excitement when he agreed, not only to being photographed, but doing so in the spectacular matching Christmas jumpers I got us this year.

For me, Christmas Jumpers may well be my favourite part of Christmas (okay, I know I say that to do with everything about this season but I just love it all). I pop one on on December 1st and then continue to wear some form of outrageous knitted patterned sweatshirt for the rest of the month. Last Christmas, I even surprised my family (much to their delight, as I'm sure you can imagine) with silly jumpers for us all to wear and match on Christmas Day. Loz managed to escape that last year, and so this year, when Matalan very kindly offered to send one for me and one for a friend, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to grab that oh-so-coveted matching jumper photo-op. The jumpers themselves are actually lovely, not a cheap novelty knit, but a heavy, warm and cosy chunky jumper in a beautiful festive pattern featuring reindeer and christmas trees. We've been wearing them most evenings when changing out of smarter work gear, and I'm looking forward to giving them a proper wear out on Christmas Day!

On a more topical and important note, this Friday (12th December) is Christmas Jumper Day, organised by Save The Children, so you can wear your wonderful jumper and help out children who need it. I'll be donating my £2, which if you want to, you can also do so here! If you're looking for a new jumper to wear just in time for Friday, or the upcoming Christmas festivities, then make sure you check out Matalan's magical knitwear section!!

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