Our Christmas Tree

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5 ft Classic Wengen Christmas Tree - B&Q
Gold Mini Bauble Set - Asda
Red & Green Mini Bauble Set - Asda 
Purple Bauble Set - Wyevale Garden Centre
Gold Bows - Asda
Tea Baubles c/o Bluebird Tea Co.
Eliot Raffit Vintage Globe Decoration c/o Harrods
Gold Reindeer - Wyevale Garden Centre
Foam Gingerbread House - Tiger 
Star Tree Topper - Bent Fairy Wand (Yes, really!)

For me, the best bit about the lead up to Christmas is decorating the tree! I spend Christmas with my family, where we have a lovely real tree filled with gorgeous and sentimental decorations, but after moving out a few years ago, the lead up to Christmas has meant getting my own tree, and starting my very own decoration collection. Last year I bought a little 5ft fake tree from B&Q, and after last year's effort turned out a little sad-looking, I've tried my best this year to make it a tree I am proud of! For a cheap little fake tree, I'm actually so pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I'd share you some snaps. Living in a very small shared house means we don't have that much space for decorating, but I think what we do have is just fine!

As well as the tree, just next to it is this sweet little DIY foam gingerbread house from my lovely friend Abbey, I think the glitter roof makes it the perfect festive decoration! In terms of the tree itself, I started out with a purely Gold theme, but have ended up adding a touch of colour with the fig/purple baubles and a few dashed of red and green, and I love how it has turned out! There isn't that much space for a whole lot of decorations, so we've picked just a few special ones, including this gorgeous globe very kindly sent to me by Harrods, these super cute tea baubles from the lovely people at the Bluebird Tea Co (which I think would make such a lovely gift for any tea lover!), and the rather majestic reindeer, one of the first proper decorations Loz and I bought together. It may be small, but I'm really pleased with our sweet little tree this year! 

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