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A lot of my time online is spent hunting for inspiration; for ideas for projects, for new skills to learn or for anything that I can use to inspire creativity. Obviously, it's good to take some time off from screens, which is when I fall back to my first love, which before blogging, was magazines. Recently I've found myself straying away from fashion and glamour magazines, and into the arms of more 'lifestyle' based prints, kind of like this blog I guess! I thought I'd share a few of my regular favourite publications:-

Frankie is an Australian bi-monthly magazine that features art, photography, crafts, fashion and plenty of fascinating editorial stories that are perfect for sitting down with a cup of tea with on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I can usually find this one in larger WHSmith shops, normally for £7 ish.

The Simple Things
This is a newer one for me, and the second edition of this I've picked up. It's a monthly publication that you can find in larger supermarkets, M&S and WHSmiths, and is UK based. It very much does what it says on the tin, as a celebration of the simple, little things in life, and personally inspires me to appreciate and be grateful for these little bits of loveliness!

Oh Comely
I first picked up this out of curiosity a few years ago when the simplistic yet elegant cover caught my eye, most of which feature a female model, the title and very little else. Another UK based, but this time bi-monthly publication, it features anecdotal editorial content and a whole lot of creative inspiration, from artwork, photography and some generally lovely words.

In Clover
I find this one a particularly special one, as to me is more of a coffee-table decorative book than a magazine. It's another UK based print but this time only quarterly, but is a great big book filled with breathtaking photography and beautiful stories encapsulating the wonderful things we can see and do when we shut down our computers and go outside. I found this one in a local small newsagents, but you can also find them online.

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