Something New: Introducing Autumn & Lovely


So today I'm going to share something pretty special, exciting, and brand new for me.

When January rolls around, I will have been writing this blog for two whole years now. That for me feels like a huge achievement, and something I am extremely proud of. Thanks to this blog, I've found friends, found out lots about myself, and discovered my voice. In practising near daily writing, I've rekindled a passion for it, and it has become something wonderful for me, something I can use to advance my work and career, but also to relax and as an extremely rewarding hobby.
When writing, I find that although it may feel difficult some days at first, when the words start to flow, ideas begin to start tumbling out of me like little waterfalls, often so uncontrollable that I have to grab a pen or even the notes app on my phone to be able to catch onto them before they disappear. I love to write about a huge range of topics, and a huge range of styles, and that's where today comes in.
A little while ago, you might remember this post, entitled Hello, where I properly introduced myself, and my plans and goals for this blog. Well since that little change-around, I've found myself falling further in love with writing for myself, which as self-indulgent as it sounds, has proved an extremely positive exercise in all areas of my life. However, the big thing I wanted to avoid was restricting myself in my writing, and so I came up with a solution.

So therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, may I introduce to you Autumn & Lovely, the little sister blog of CarrieBrighton, and my new space to house all of my favourite things.

CarrieBrighton is going to continue as my personal blog, a lifestyle blog if you will, for me to share my photography, thoughts and feelings, and record my journey to living a life filled with positivity, much as it is already. To compliment it, Autumn & Lovely will run alongside, featuring a selection of all of the wonderful things out there, so I can continue to indulge my love for (and for writing about) beauty products, wooly jumpers and scented candles. I'd love it if you took a look, and any feedback would be gratefully received!

You can find Autumn & Lovely at-
Twitter: @autumnandlovely
Instagram: @autumnandlovely

And of course, carriebrighton is staying right here! Thanks for reading!