The Gift of Time

jing5 jing6 jing4 jing3 jing2jing1 jing8 jing7 I  consider myself a very lucky person. I live a very comfortable life, which I am extremely grateful for. Recently, I have had some incredible opportunities and some truly wonderful experiences, which although I will be forever thankful for them, I often find myself wishing for more time. The more time I spend out in new places, meeting new people and doing new things, the more I discover an appreciation for those times spent at home, having a moment’s peace and stillness. It is unfortunately the first thing I give up when I have other things to do, but I have recently begun to realise that it is something I must make more time for, as it really is good for the soul!

A little while ago, towards the end of an extremely busy week, I had a bit of time scheduled to meet up with my lovely friend Fiona to have a catch up over a cup of tea. I had so much to do that day I had allowed myself an hour to pop in and out, but as soon as I sat down on her sofa, mug in hand, I realised it was the first time I had actually stopped in over a week, and realised what a wonderful feeling it was. I cleared my schedule for the afternoon and we sat and talked for hours, discussing our thoughts and plans for the future, with plenty of tea and giggling. Unfortunately I lost all of the pictures I took that afternoon, but you can see hers in this beautiful blog post.

While I was there, Fiona very kindly gave me a little present from her and the lovely people at Jing Tea, a sweet little parcel of tea, a beautiful glass infuser mug and a delicate little tea timer, to make the perfect cup. She also gave me the gift of an afternoon of loveliness, and told me the present also, was a 'gift of time’. I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant until I sat down with it at my desk the other day, and brewed myself the perfect cup of tea thanks to the timer, and sat and drank it, while doing absolutely nothing else. I then realised what a lovely little gift it was, as in doing so I had taken a break away, and given myself that much longed for moment of peace in the middle of a busy day. Indulging in this little tea ritual gives me the excuse to completely stop for a moment and take some time to myself, something which I have absolutely adored during busy times recently.

If you’re stuck for a gift for someone special this Christmas, then I’d suggest having a look at Jing’s website. It might seem simple, but giving someone the excuse to sit down with a delicious cup of tea and do very little else is one they will truly appreciate.

Thank you to Fiona, for the wonderful afternoon, and Jing, for the wonderful tea!

You can see Fiona's lovely blog post here.

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