Thoughts on 2015

I'm a little bit in shock that we've hit the end of this year already. I could accept if we were 3 months in to 2014, or maybe even 6 at a push, but the final day? That's just crazy talk.

When I actually sit at think about it though, I've crammed so much into this year that it would make sense to be coming to a close. Previously, I've started new years with a want for change, big plans to change my life and a need to invent some kind of 'new me'. I think this is the first year where I've felt so differently about this, I'm in a very different place now to where I was this time last year, and I feel very good about it. I'm not setting myself a big list of revolutions this year, because in all honesty, there isn't very much I want to change. I am happy with things just the way they are for once, and that is a feeling that I am truly grateful for. I have goals to keep me on the right track and to help me achieve everything I want to this year, but they are a little personal, so I'm keeping them to myself for now. I might share them later, but for now I'm keeping them just for me.

This year is looking like a very exciting one. In terms of blogging, I'm just going to continue as I'm going. I've had a little tidy up design-wise, but nothing too drastic. I'm really enjoying the more lifestyle/ personal dog direction that it seems to be going in, and am looking at sharing some more creative projects this year.

In life in general, this one's going to be a big one. All being well, I'm graduating in June. After spending a very huge portion of my life in the world of education somehow or another, I'm on the way out, the end is in sight. And if I'm entirely honest, that's a little scary. It's a good scary, with a healthy dose of excitement, but is all very new, and currently very unsure. I'm exited to see where I'll end up though, so I know 2015 is going to be full of change, but hopefully in a good way.

So really, I'm just curious and excited to see where this year will take me. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but I do know I'm going to try my best to make it my best year ever!