Year in Review: 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, I've found myself feeling very thankful for this blog. Firstly, for being able to use it as an online diary and a collection of my adventures over the past year, which one of the reasons I started it in the first place, and secondly, for realising all of the wonderful opportunities it has helped me to experience this last year. I thought I'd share some of my favourite posts from the past 12 months with you...
Exploring new places and old favourites:
Attending London Fashion Week and sitting front row at Fashion Scout with The Body Shop:
Drinking coffee with lovely ladies:
And just generally drinking plenty of coffee!
Stopping to smell the flowers every once in a while:
Getting a little silly around Easter time:
Exploring Kew Gardens with my lovely Mumma
Spending time with good friends:

Probably my biggest adventure of the year, spending two days in Dubai with my Dad and Godfather exploring the gold and spice souks in 40oC temperatures:
I learned that not only is it okay, but is quite often a good idea to give into a bad day and take some time to recuperate:
Hanging out with my two favourite furry friends:
Making spicy lattes:
Getting cosy and learning the art of hibernation:
Finally taking that coveted cheesy Christmas card shot!

As I write this I'm feeling incredibly grateful for what has turned out to be a really lovely year. It's wonderful to be able to sit and reflect for a while, and realise how truly lucky I've been. Here's to 2015!