Accessories: Blush and Gold

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Accessories c/o BHS Wedding Shop
Pale Pink Clutch
Gold Wire Ball and Bead Jewellery Set
Gold Sparkle Slingback Court Shoes

As part of my big organising project, I've been thinking carefully about my style, what I wear, and what does and doesn't suit me. In the past I've just bought whatever catches my eye, which has unfortunately led to a very mismatched wardrobe and quite often leaves me with nothing to wear. Not having a huge knowledge of fashion, I've set myself a simple goal of sorting through; picking colours I love, that I know suit me, and sticking to that to keep it as simple as possible.

My current favourite scheme, and one that I know suits my rather pale tones is warm but light shades of blush pink, gold and cream. Plus, my current favourite shade/colour/thing is gold glitter, so I had to get that in there somewhere! Being able to keep things in a simple colour scheme makes styling and getting ready for things so much easier too; I'm never stuck for choice, I know exactly what I'm going to wear and I know it's going to look good!

When it comes to my personal style, I'm extremely casual and therefore can be fairly clueless when it comes to 'dressing up'. I do however have a number of events on the horizon that require a smarter, more formal dress, and thankfully the BHS Wedding Shop came to my rescue! I assumed a wedding shop would only be suitable for brides, but they have a whole range of gorgeous accessories that are perfect for a wedding guest, or attendees of other formal occasions.  Keeping with my simple colour scheme, I selected a few items that go together well, but also bring a simple dress together, dressing it up enough to make it suitable for a formal occasion. I adore the silky pale pink clutch, it's such a gorgeous shade and the silk pleats are just so girly and pretty. The shoes might just be my new favourite thing ever too, they are gold and sparkly without being too in your face, and are remarkably comfy, even for someone who rarely wears heels! I feel like the delicate gold jewellery brings it all together and is a lovely way to finish off a formal outfit too. If you're like me and a bit stuck on what to wear to things like that, I'd definitely recommend taking a peek in their wedding shop!

Thank you very much to BHS for kitting me out in these gorgeous accessories! My views are, as always, honest and entirely my own.

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