Instagram Update

This week has been a little crazy. We got back to Brighton after a lovely two weeks off in Wiltshire for Christmas late last weekend, chilled out for an evening and then January hit us full force. I have two major Uni assignments due over the next two weeks so that's been pretty life consuming, and so have been fitting in plenty of writing among some other little curveballs that have been chucked our way. My instagram this week has been very home-orientated, but that's because I have pretty much just been going between bed and my desk, and repeat!
1. Fresh bedding, and my gorgeous new stag cushion, a christmas gift from Loz, turned out to be so comfy that I just had to move my office into bed on Monday.

2. With boring essays must come bribes to get through it, so I rewarded myself for a first draft with some marshmallows and a little bit of hot chocolate.
3. By Tuesday things got serious and I made it out of my bed to my desk. Today's treats included a vat of the Bluebird Tea Co's Gingerbread Chai.

4. A little break from typing to share my handwriting, as tagged by the lovely Wreck This Girl.
3. Wednesday came with much squealing with delight at receiving a text from Loz's parents with a picture of their new furry friend. I can't stop looking at that sweet little face!

4. On Thursday I attempted to brighten up a fairly boring day with some accessories and went a little overboard. You can't have too many rings though right?
5. Friday saw the end of tea and hot chocolate as the necessity for a 3 shot latte came into play. I also procrastinated a fair bit by faffing around on pinterest and updating my new filofax.

6. Saturday reached all new levels of procrastinating by cleaning and tidying. I shared my new favourite spot in my office, my newly organised desk drawer, and all the stationery I've been hoarding recently.

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What have you been up to this week?