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After sharing a few snaps of my Filofax on instagram, I've had quite a few questions about it so I thought I'd share a little post! Before this year, I'd always used traditional diaries but found it hard to find myself one that fit, quite often they didn't really do what I needed and would therefore end up not as well used as they could have been. I've had my eye on a filofax for years but I always assumed they would be far too expensive, or not suitable for anyone other than a business(wo)man.

This is a Compact Patent Filofax in Duck Egg, and I got mine from John Lewis for £30. Although pricier than a traditional diary, the idea is that I will reuse this in future years with new inserts, instead of buying a new £10 - £15 diary each time, which works out fairly well. I adore the colour, it's cute and girly while still being a functional filofax. The inserts that came with it are the usual week to view, which I prefer to day-to-page, and the dividers are pink, with  lilac and turquoise tabs, which make up a lovely pastel colour scheme overall. I have then decorated mine with a gold foil note card from Paperchase, and some mini Post-Its and page tabs. I'm not going to show you the inside as it feels a little bit like revealing all my personal info to the internet, but the inside shows a fairly straightforward weekly diary! I use the other tabbed sections for things like To-Do lists, Shopping Lists and finances.

When I started thinking about buying one, I stumbled across a whole world of planner lovers that I didn't really know existed! I found a huge amount of inspiration for what to buy, and how to personalise it through instagram, pinterest and tumblr. Check out the #plannerlove (below) or #plannernerd hashtags on Instagram, there are some amazing ideas out there!

I've also been pinning ideas to a Pinterest Board, which you can have a little peek at below:

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Are you a planner lover? If you've done any posts on yours, please send me a link!

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