Project Organise: Beauty Storage

storage1 storage2 storage3 So a little while ago I shared this post, about how my plan for this year is basically to sort my shiz out. The reason it's taken me such a long time is that I really struggle to get rid of things, which actually makes organising a fairly stressful experience. Therefore to ease myself in gently, I started with my favourite part, organising my beauty collection.

Now before I started, there were beauty products everywhere and I really do mean everywhere! To give a little idea of the chaos, my desk drawer was full, there was some in my chest of drawers, some in the bathroom and half my lipstick collection was spread across 3 handbags. So something needed to change, and unfortunately the answer to that was some serious downsizing. I've got a post coming up soon on this in more detail, but the short version is that I was ruthless, and only keep things that I actually wear regularly, and fit into a colour scheme that I know suit me. I then sorted them into a current rotation of everyday favourites, and then into things that I'll be more likely to use in another season that I'm just not ready to get rid of yet. I've been very strict with my rotation of products to only use this set at a time, and so the extras are stored in old cardboard Birchbox boxes, but I am planning on investing in some more Muji drawers to keep everything in the same place.

I've always been a bit of a fan of acrylic storage since I first saw it popping up on blogs and instagram a few years ago, I love that you can see through to know exactly where everything is, and I think it looks rather neat when stored in this way. The light reflecting off the acrylic has made me realise that I do need to give them a good clean though, so that is next on my list. The lipstick holder is from eBay (similar here), and the drawers are the 2 Drawer Wide set from Muji, which I love as it's deep enough to hold chunkier products, or multiple layers.

I'm really pleased with this set up, and thus far, I've managed to keep everything neat and tidy and in the right place. I also have a huge amount to get rid of, and so was thinking of popping up a blog sale, but would love to know if you guys prefer blog sales, eBay or Depop? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

How do you store your beauty products?

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