Food: MEATLiquor, Not Just for Meat Lovers

ml1 Last week, the lovely Lauren of Belle Du Brighton brought a few of us along with her to try out the new vegetarian and vegan options at MEATliquor. Now, the name itself doesn't exactly sound that welcoming to those who don't eat meat, but recently they've added some lovely new bits to the menu to make the vegetarian in your group feel right at home!

If you haven't been to MEATliquor before, I'd definitely try and make a visit. With restaurants in London and one in Brighton, it's definitely an experience. We attended the Brighton one, which I've been to a few times now but realised I've never properly featured it on here. It is most definitely one of my favourite restaurants in town! The decor is eclectic to say the least, our table even came complete with a creepy flashing clown light on the wall, and the ceiling is enough to hypnotise anyone who has indulged in the Liquor side of things. I personally love it!ml2 ml3 Now the food itself is rather magnificent. For the non-veggies, I'd recommend the Chilli Cheese Fries as pictured below,  a big old bowl of french fries smothered in tangy Chilli, onions and jalapeƱos and a healthy coating of gloriously gloopy cheese. As a main, try the Dirty Chicken Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, or their infamous Dead Hippie Burger, which is a sight, and a taste to behold. All of which are fried to perfection and coated in fresh onions, lettuce etc to get the balance just right.ml4
Now the veggie selection is where things start to get interesting. New on the menu is the weird and wonderful Satan Fingers, a 'mock-chicken' substitute covered in chilli sauce. I actually really liked them, they reminded me of the crispy chilli beef from Chinese takeaways but on a much larger scale, with a lot more flavour. My absolute favourite dish on the whole menu is the Hippie Fries, french fries with grilled onions and Hippie Sauce, which I have no idea what's involved there, but I do know it's vegetarian, so something to be enjoyed by all!

For the main courses, veggies can try the Halloumi and Mushroom burger, a very similar set up to the others but without the meat, or the newest occurrence, the Burgaloo. Swapping out the beef for a Spiced Potato and Vegetable Patty, this resembles the classic burger but just more suitable for the non-meat eaters. Other veggie friendly sides include Slaw, Fried Pickles and some massive fluffy Onion rings.
ml5 ml6 ml7 I was so impressed with the new additions, the greater selection meant there was something for everyone in our group so we all got to enjoy something super tasty for our meal out. If you're local to one of their restaurants, you should probably go and eat there right now. That Hippie Sauce is not something you want to be missing out on!ml8

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