Lovely Things

Angie B
Last week I was greeted by the loveliest surprise on my instagram when I discovered that the gorgeous Angie had painted one of my pictures as a part of a creative project. She's very kindly let me share it on here, you can see the original photo in this post and I absolutely love what she's done with it. She's a very talented artist and sells some beautiful prints and other merch on her website, which you should definitely take a look at! You can also find her on instagram at @angiebee, and you should definitely go and say Hi because she's one lovely lady!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
I mentioned in my post on our Apple TV that our Netflix consumption has increased dramatically, which is mostly down to discovering a whole bunch of new seasons of The (US) Office. We couldn't remember quite where we were up to last time around, so we've started from the beginning. I'd forgotten how much I loved the show, and how much I'd missed having Pam and Jim in my life!

Chilly Weekend Walks 
In the interest of trying to get a little bit fitter, I've been making myself get up early to go for walks. I live on the top of a big hill and so the walk back up always manages to put me off, especially when it's cold, but I realise that is a poor excuse! I've found a new route that involves a farm shop that is only about 20 mins away, and so I have been getting up early to go and pick up fresh fruit and veg for the day, and it has been rather lovely!

Sneaky Shopping
I've been having a huge clear out recently, and I'm reaching my favourite part in the process, which is replacing things I've got rid of. I've donated/thrown out a load of old clothes that just didn't suit me, or worn out, and so in the interests of staying decluttered, I picked up a new outfit in Dorothy Perkins which a) suits me, and b) integrates well into my wardrobe, and goes well with a number of other items. I feel like I'm not too far off my ultimate goal of a capsule wardrobe, which is really exciting! I also replaced two worn out old handbags with a pretty new pink one, which I love!

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