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mac1 mac2 mac3 Last month I had a momentary lapse in saving and decided to get a little spendy! After clearing out a huge chunk of my makeup stash, I decided to upgrade some products that were too old or worse for wear, or things that I had in the right shade, but just weren't long enough lasting. I've become a huge MAC fan over the past few years, despite the recent price increases on some of the products, it still beats so many of the high end brands available without risking the quality. I picked up:

Powder Blush in Peachy Keen
Up until buying this, there was only one blush I ever wore, to the point where I got rid of every single other one I owned, as there was just no point in keeping them! I've been a big fan of Nars' Orgasm for ages now (you can see how well loved it's looking in this post!) but I find it can be a little too shimmery for some occasions. I treated myself to Mac's Peachy Keen as a slightly more natural alternative. They are remarkably similar in shade, but the shimmer is toned down. I also picked it up as a replacement for when my Nars finally bites the dust!

Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare
This is actually my first ever lip liner, and I'm not sure how I managed to go so long! I have ever-so-slightly asymmetrical lips and it bothers me far more than it should. This peachy nude shade suits me perfectly, and just neatens up my lip line before filling in with lipstick. I'm not quite up for a Kylie Jenner style transformation yet, but I'm loving the subtle definition it adds!

Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme In Your Coffee
I bought this as another alternative to an regular favourite; I adore my Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bettina but wanted a creamier update; I love the shade but fall in and out of love with the matte texture, especially in the middle of winter and dry lips season! This shade is a little warmer than Bettina, but the classic MAC creamy lipstick consistency. It's a great muted pink for everyday-wear too!

Eyeshadow Pro Palette Pan in Mulch
I picked this one up to complete my brown/neutral quad. It's the darkest of the four (top right) but still has a lovely shimmer to it, and I use this in the crease for a fairly natural looking everyday eyeshadow look. It is a lovely warm, almost golden shade and it pairs beautifully with my favourite shadow, All That Glitters (bottom left).

So I'm now back on the saving wagon and should probably hide my credit card, but I am really pleased with my purchases! What are your favourite MAC products?

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