Skincare: Avene Cleanance Expert

Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion c/o Escentual

Acne has always been a problem for me, throughout my teenage years, with a few little breaks, and then continuing into my twenties. It’s not that bad at the moment, but being an adult with spots proves to be pretty frustrating. It’s mostly down the sides of my face, from my temples to my cheeks, and then across my chin, and the latest development, under my chin and down my neck. I've learned that there isn't a magical fix-all cure for it, but I have found a number of treatments to keep things at bay.

My latest discovery is actually something rather wonderful, and has actually managed to improve the situation rather dramatically. Avene's Cleanance Expert Emulsion is the first product I've tried from the brand, and at this rate won't be my last. It's a squeezy tube of a light cream designed to regulate the production of sebum, while smoothing, clearing and mattifying. I've actually been a little wary of 'matte' products recently thanks to the appearance of dry patches, but this actually did the opposite of what I was expecting in creating a moisturised, smooth and soft matte finish on the skin, without a hint of drying at all.

I've been applying it morning and evening to the problematic areas of my face for two weeks now, with a hugely noticeable difference. It has dramatically reduced the amount of little under-skin bumps that I'm usually covered with and almost completely cleared out the pesky blocked pores around my nose. My main acne areas are soft and smooth and far less red than usual. They are moisturised yet not oily in the slightest, and feel balanced. The cream itself feels very gentle and soothing and seems to have done a really good job at taking care of my face! I'm going to keep going with it and report back in a few weeks time to see how it has progressed, but so far, I've been so pleased with the results!

Avene products are available online at Escentual, including the Clearance Expert Emulsion

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