Stationery: My Kikki K Medium Time Planner

kik1 kik2 kik3 kik4 kik5 kik6 Last week I shared some snaps of my Filofax and so thought today I'd share my newest stationery addition. You're probably thinking that I'm a crazy person, why on earth would I need two planners? Well there is a good reason, and I have to say I'm so pleased with it, and I don't think I've ever felt so organised in my entire life. You see my Filofax has been brilliant, it tells me exactly where I should be going, what I should be doing, and where and when and what I need to do, which is amazing. The only slight draw back is that I felt I couldn't be particularly creative, especially when it is full of important, yet slightly uninteresting info like meetings and doctors appointments. As well as general life, I also have an awful lot of blog, photography and crafty things to plan. When my exciting new ideas were tangled in with dentist times, I felt like they were getting a little bit stuck, and so I decided to get a separate place for them, my creative planner.

I'll share some snaps of the inside at some point but it's currently still a work in progress, but I have to say I'm loving it so far. I'm decorating each week in a different theme, and finding myself coming up with so many more ideas now that I have a lovely space to keep them!

The planner is a Kikki K Medium Time Planner in Lilac, and I think it is truly gorgeous. It is leather inside and out, with the cover printed with tiny little gold diamonds. The rings on the inside of the planner are gold which I adore, matching the theme running throughout of pink dividers with gold font. I love the calendar that comes with it, it's spacious and contains a section for monthly planning which is extremely helpful in blogging terms. It has a few sections that I won't use, including birthdays and shops (?), so I have replaced them with things more relevant to me, including a craft project planner and general blog ideas. There is also a to-do list section, and an added notepad at the back. It is the equivalent size as a Filofax Personal planner, and so just slightly wider than my compact size. The rings are nice and thick though so it is going to hold a lot!

Now the planner is currently $29.95 in the sale, but a word on the shipping. To order from Australia to the UK was fairly straightforward, shipping is $9.95, which is fairly reasonable, but at this end there was a further £9 import tax added on, which again in itself was not too bad, but slapped on top of that was an additional £13.50 processing fee, which stung a bit. So it definitely added up! As well as the planner I ordered some cards and stickers so I sort of justified it as a one-off order, but just bear in mind that things will get pricey! Obviously I'm now hooked and want to order the whole shop, but I think in future I will try and combine orders with someone else to try and save a bit!

Next week I will share how I've customised mine, but in the meantime if you're looking for some inspiration, Kikki K's Planner Love section of their website has some gorgeous videos full of ideas!

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