Tech: Sony Preview

IMG_2902 First off, apologies for the grainy pictures, but in the excitement of being surrounded by so many exciting cameras, I seemed to forget I had one in my bag and only used my phone. A little while back I was very kindly invited to Sony HQ to find out about some of the exciting releases they have lined up for this year! As a bit of a closet tech lover I was SO excited, and came away with a wishlist as long as my arm! sony1
As you've probably noticed, I've developed a rather huge passion for photography over the past year. I've always been a Canon girl and never really considered other brands, but after this event, I may well be making the switch over to Sony. We were introduced to their innovative and all round wonderful little invention, the A7, a full-frame sensor camera that fits in the palm of your hand, and around half the weight of your standard SLR. The full-frame sensor basically means that it is without the traditional mirror/shutter of an SLR but instead has a similar sensor to your standard phone camera, but instead of being 1/2 a cm across, spans the width of your lens. It means that the camera has a greatly increased ISO range and also a seriously impressive autofocus, and is also super stealthy without the noisy shutter click of the standard SLR. It has interchangeable lenses that work with most of the sony camera range. It's a price one at around £1,000, but definitely one to dream about!
I was also really impressed with their sound range, more specifically by their headphones. I fell in love with this pair in a lovely light beige shade. Coming in around the £60 mark, they had a great sound, and come with a padded comfy headband. My favourite part is the actual headphones bit that goes over your ears. As a fairly small-headed lady, I'm always a bit self conscious of large cans that stick out over your ears, but these were so small and neat that they managed to look rather stylish too. Excuse the resting bitch face, but you can see in the pictures quite how narrow they are to your head, and so would be something you could comfortably wear around your daily commute!
I was very kindly sent away with another one of their products to try, which I will be sharing on here soon. I think Sony is definitely going to be something to keep an eye on this year in the world of tech as there were so many exciting new releases on the way!

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