Hello! Fashion Monthly

HELLO! Fashion Monthly Magazine

Just a quick one from me today to share a (relatively) new magazine that you might not have heard about! Launched back in September from the people who brought us Hello!, it's a streamlined glossy fashion feature thats perfect for busy people who don't have the time (or arm strength) to read and carry around Vogue in your handbag but still want something pretty and on-trend to read on the train! It featured a combination of high-end editorial reports and lustworthy high-street guides that will double your shopping list in moments, as well as street-style and interesting articles (this month features the incredible Charlotte Tilbury amongst others). There's a big beauty emphasis too which I love, and I'm sure will appeal to all you beauty lovers out there too. I'd recently cut back on magazines in the interest of saving some money so probably my favourite feature is that it will set you back a mere pound for each issue. Magazines are so lovely to have around but can get so expensive so quickly, so this is absolutely perfect if you're still looking for something to read without breaking the bank! HFM is also available in a digital edition if you're looking to save some space too/ It's definitely a hit with me, you can find it online, newsagents and supermarkets and all the usual spots, I'd definitely recommend picking it up if you see it!

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