Lovely Things #4


*Next week is already looking hugely busy, so I'm really grateful that I had this week to rest and recuperate. To surprise my lovely Mumma for Mother's Day, I went home last weekend for a few days which was so nice and felt like a little holiday!

* While at home I got to spend some time with my lovely pups who are getting rather sleepy. Poor old Daisy (on the right) is suffering with arthritis and so isn't as nimble as she once was, but we did get to go on some gentle wanders, and had plenty of cuddles on the sofa!

* I'm feeling super organised at the moment which feels amazing. Yesterday I managed to prep and freeze 14 meals for the next few weeks which will give me more time in the evenings when I'm really busy, which already feels like such a relief! Do let me know if anyone fancies a post about this, I'd be more than happy to share. I also got a whole load of photos taken for the blog, I'm really excited to share some of the posts I've got coming up!

* Despite a huge amount of cloud coverage on Friday, we were very lucky to catch a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse through a tiny gap of the cloud. Although the view could have been much better, I felt so grateful to be able to see such an incredible feat of the universe. In that moment I find you suddenly feel very tiny on a rather small planet in a rather huge solar system! Chances are I probably won't see another in my lifetime, so it was an amazing thing to experience.

What lovely things have you been up to this week?

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