Lovely Things #5

lt5* Striking a balance. This week has been a little different but still rather lovely. As of now, for the next few months I am undertaking a work placement, as well as working, blogging and general life-ing, so things have been pretty busy. This week has been spent settling into new routines and trying to stay as organised as possible, and it all seems to have been working okay. Plus, it's been fun starting on some new challenges!

* Writing everyday. Although things have been rather busy, I've been trying my best to keep up good habits and make time to do the things I love. This week I set myself the challenge to write something everyday, however small it may be, and I have really enjoyed it. This included plenty of lists, little recounts/diary entries and writing some notes to some lovely people.

* Getting ready for Spring. It seems to have become a bit of a debate whether or not Spring is upon us, but this morning's clock change is always the decider for me. To get ready, I have been having a little sort out, packing away my wintery scented candles and thick fluffy jumpers. I've also had a big clear out through my beauty stash and kitchen, and feel all the better for it!

* CarrieFryPhoto. I mentioned last week that I'm in the process of getting my photography print shop set up, which is really exciting! Well today, I'm pleased to announce that I'm putting the final touches in place, and will be launching next Friday, 3rd April! Keep your eyes peeled on here for more info, and even some sneaky discount codes!

What lovely things have you been up to this week?

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