MAC Cinderella

cinderella1 cinderella2 I've always been a big fan of MAC cosmetics, but previously had never been so bothered about their limited edition collections. In fact, the idea of having packaging that didn't match irritated me a bit, and so had never been particularly interested. That was until I spotted the lilac/blue and gold casing of the new Cinderella collection on a blog. It was fairly hard to miss actually, the collection seemed to take the beauty world by storm with so many people excited for the release, more than I remember for previous collections. Disney's Cinderella has always been a favourite of mine, I remember watching and re-watching my VHS tape of the cartoon film over and over again as a child, and I actually can't wait for the new live-film version coming out. Just to put it in context, I haven't been to the cinema in over 3 years, and I'm actually planning on getting tickets for this one! But anyway, back to the makeup. I signed up to the mailing list and managed to snap it up as soon as it was released, which I'm so pleased I did as it sold out in a matter of hours. I picked up the Iridescent Beauty Powder in Coup D'Chic, a stunning light peachy pink powder with a whole lot of sparkle, but not too much glitter. On the cheeks it creates a natural looking pink glow, but with added shimmer for that princess factor. It comes in the sweetest little pale blue mirrored compact with gold accents, and looks oh-so-sweet on my dressing table, and is so pretty that I don't mind that it doesn't match! I realise it's a little annoying blogging about a sold out product, but you may well still be able to find it in stores, and I love it so much that I just couldn't resist!

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