Puppies on a Present - WrapMe Personalised Paper

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Personalised Instagram Wrapping Paper by WrapMe

Earlier in the week I had one of those hideously crazy days where you don't get home until way after dark and you just feel the urge to kick off your shoes and hop into bed fully clothed. You know the ones? Well anyway, I made it back in through the door post 9pm with a brain full of everything I still needed to do, when I spied a little parcel with my name on it. Unusually (thanks to my online shopping habit), I wasn't actually expecting anything, which made it all the more exciting.
What's better than having a parcel to open? Having a complete surprise to open!
I opened the brown paper where to my shock and amazement I spotted the tiny little face of Daisy, one of my two furry best friends staring back at me. There was then a fair bit of squealing and very nearly tears in my tired state at the sheer loveliness of what I was seeing; the wonderful people at WrapMe had made pictures of my two gorgeous girls from my instagram into wrapping paper! Inside they'd sent the sweetest little book about making homemade treats for your furry friends, but I have to say that the wrapping was my favourite part!

Personalised wrapping paper adds a bit of magic to giving gifts and makes it all that bit more personal. It's something I'd never thought of doing before but will definitely be ordering from WrapMe when I need just that extra bit of sparkle for giving a gift to that special someone! I was so thrilled to receive mine, so can just imagine how lovely it would be to pass it on to someone else!

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