Saturday Thoughts

So this week's been a little crazy...

Starting back at last Friday, I handed in my dissertation, my final piece of written work for my degree and hopefully the last essay I ever write. I love writing, but I only love it on my terms. I was so stressed about it, it took a good 3 days for the proverbial weight to lift off my shoulders, but it eventually went, and oh boy was it a relief!
This Friday brought my final lecture at Uni, which is a fairly exciting concept. I have a work placement to go, but that's my final thing, and then I graduate, which is a very peculiar feeling. I quite like it though.
In my free time this week, I've been practising my photography, and have had food as my main subject. This has been wonderful as a) it's always good to practise, b) Julien Plumart macarons are rather gorgeous to look at, and c) even more gorgeous to eat!

This week I've rediscovered my love for Bellowhead. I've seen them live twice now and both times has been an absolutely incredible show. Their new album is brilliant and we're hoping to see them again at a festival over the summer. If you haven't heard them before, have a listen, you're in for a treat!

If you saw my post earlier in the week, you'll see I have been trying to embrace colour a little bit more. If you're looking for some inspiration in this area, you should check out Bespoke Bride's 75 Colourful Instagram Accounts That You Need In Your Life. So. Much. Colour. She's right though, you do need these in your life, adding that pop of colour really can brighten up your day!

Now I'm coming to the end of Uni, I'm having a bit more time to be creative, and that includes on this blog too. I'm putting together a more regular posting schedule to make sure I can write about everything I want to, but I'd also love your input on this. What is your favourite kind of post? What do you love to read? Answers on a postcard please. Or a comment, whatever you fancy.

So that's a little glimpse at what's been rolling around my head this week. The only other news is that you can now advertise on here, and put a little ad about whatever you like in my sidebar! Click here for more information. Have a wonderful weekend!

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