Something New: Fuji Green Tea by The Body Shop

greentea2 greentea3 greentea4 greentea5 greentea6 I have to say, The Body Shop have hugely impressed me recently. Following on from the gorgeous limited edition Smoky Poppy, there’s already another brand new range about to be released and it really is something rather special. If you’re a regular around here you can probably guess why I’m such a big fan of this one. It’s no secret that I’m a huge tea lover, and this range combines two of my favourite things: bath and body products, and green tea! Fuji Green Tea is a fairly unusual scent for The Body Shop, not particularly sweet, fruity or floral but perhaps the most fresh smelling of all their fragrances. It’s a bright, cool fragrance of hand-picked green tea and herbs.

 It’s an especially interesting new release as it features new product formats, my absolute favourite being the bath tea; bath-salt like dissolvable crystals that you put in a bath infuser (that looks just like a tea infuser!) to hang under running water, creating a refreshing yet sensual scented bath, packed full of antioxidants for keeping skin happy and healthy. While in the bath, I tried out the Body Scrub which I adore, a gentle exfoliator that leaves skin smooth and softened, made all the more so when finished off with their classic body butter in this new scent. It’s definitely a hit from me, I just adore the fresh fragrance. When it hits shops on the 31st I’m planning on picking up the body sorbet and the cologne to make that gorgeous fragrance last even longer. The full range contains contains: Exfoliating Soap, Body Scrub, Body Butter, Body Sorbet, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Eau de Cologne, Bath Tea and a Bath Infuser, all in the Fuji Green Tea fragrance, and is available from the 31st March.

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