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Everyday Brew Tea c/o teapigs

I feel like I spend my life talking about tea, but I realised that that's probably a fairly reasonable thing to do when it is such a big feature in my daily routine. I have teas for different times of day, teas for different moods and even teas for different ailments. Because of this, I have a fairly exciting tea collection, but there was one key feature missing: A decent classic brew. I have jars of beautifully crafted loose leaf teas and exotic blends in silk bags, yet when it comes to my everyday cuppa, I was drinking dusty leftovers in a paper bag, and that wasn't quite right. As it was a habit, and just how it was, I didn't think to change it, until the lovely people at teapigs offered for me to try out their 'Everyday Brew' blend, switching it out for my normal cup and see how I got on with the change. I of course leapt at the opportunity (my mantra in life is to never say no to tea), and for 14 days, had a cup of teapigs' silk bag whole-leaf tea in place of my regular tea.

When you open the pack, the first thing you notice is how beautifully made the teabags are. Little silky pyramids containing pieces of tea leaves. The leaves themselves are fairly large pieces, I'm used to just having dust in my normal ones, and have a really lovely fresh scent to them. When brewed this scent is exactly how it tastes too, it's bold and rich but not overpowering or bitter. It's got a fresh, zesty twist to it too, I don't tend to have mine with milk and it was gorgeous with an added slice of lemon. It takes a little longer to brew thanks to the whole leaves, but is still super easy as theres no need for straining etc.

Now the tea is more expensive than your average box, at £9.95 for 50 tea temples, but in my opinion is totally worth it. I'd happily pay that much for other teas, so why should I scrimp on my everyday cuppa too. The flavour of the brew is a million miles away from a dusty supermarket cup and I really think I'd have a hard time going back!

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