Week In Colour #2

weekincolour2 This week was my second in my project to try to inject a little more colour into my life, and I'm so pleased with how it went. At the beginning of the week, I donated a large bag of fairly boring monochrome clothes to the charity shop, and treated myself to two new dresses, one hot pink sale bargain, and and one a gorgeous bright yellow with a floral and hummingbird print. I also picked up some new summer shoes, in leopard print and purple respectively. Not a piece of grey marl in sight! I think I'm beginning to love the idea of buying statement wardrobe pieces, it's also great for organisation and space saving as I didn't feel the need to replace the whole bag of clothes I got rid of, instead just buying a few special items. Only buying a few pieces meant I could afford to spend a little more which meant they were good quality too, so an all-round win! I've also started to notice a little colour scheme appearing, hot pink seems to be featuring which I love, I've really enjoyed having such bright nails this week as they do make me smile when they catch my eye! It's turning out to be a really fun little project with such a positive effect on my mood too, adding some colour really is brightening everything up, if only the weather could warm up enough for me to wear the shoes then I'd be laughing!

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