Lovely Things #6

coffee So these posts usually go up on Sunday, but as you can probably tell, I missed Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday... And Saturday for that matter too. I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to...

* Having a rest. Thanks to the Easter hols, I've had some time off from my work placement, and had planned a million and one things to do in that time. The first week (last week) I did exactly that, with work, trips to London, a funeral, seeing old friends, launching my shop and then travelling to see family. It was good to get so many things done, but it was fairly full on and intense. Not surprisingly, I then crashed around the weekend, feeling poorly with a cold and frustrating cough, and realised I needed to take it a little slower. I've taken some time to do very little more than read magazines, watch Netflix and drink coffee, and I already feel far better for it.

* Girl Offline. On the theme of taking a rest, I've taken a little digital break too. It's been nice not to have to worry about tweeting and posting, and taking a little step back always leaves me keen to start again! It also means I've been doing things for me and not just for the purpose of putting them online. Doing things without then feeling the need to photograph and upload them is really rather lovely!

* Family & friends (& puppies) With it being Easter, I travelled home for the Easter weekend, and got to spend some time with my lovely family, which included the oldest member of the family's birthday, and me getting to meet the youngest member for the first time, my lovely cousin's beautiful daughter. It was so lovely just to chill and spend some time with lovely people.

What lovely things have you been up to recently?

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