Lovely Things #8

Asos Longline V Neck Cami - £8
Asos Kimono in Blossom Print - £14

* Sorting out my wardrobe. Finally! It's been my goal for years to take control of my wardrobe and style. I've always had a fairly mismatched rail full of clothes that don't go together, don't fit me very well, or I don't even like, and it's time to put an end to that. I've had a gigantic clear out, and am now onto the fun part of re-stocking in wearable items I love! I placed an ASOS order this week and am so pleased with all my new additions. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe so I've been focusing on buying pieces that I can fit into as many different outfits as possible. If you're thinking about this too, I'd definitely recommend checking out Un-Fancy, the queen of capsule wardrobes for hints and tips.

*Silver linings. In all honesty, this past week has could have been fairly rubbish. With a fairly nasty bout of tonsillitis, I've spent most of the week in bed feeling sorry for myself, but have made an effort to look for the positives. Aside from the obvious bonuses such as finally reaching the end of 30 Rock on Netflix, I've had a rather wonderful side effect from my antibiotics clearing my skin up a bit. So it's definitely not all bad!

*Suprise presents. A highlight of this week was being surprised by the nice UPS man with a package that I'd totally forgotten about, in the form of new yoga trousers! I have therefore been that awful person who has spent all week in them, despite there being no exercise in sight. They are just far too comfy to take off!

What are your lovely things from this week?