Sunday Thoughts: Taking Things Slow

coffee2 So you may have noticed that things kind of stopped around here for a little while. It's always a bit weird coming back online after an unplanned break, but that's really my favourite thing about blogging: it's always waiting for you when you get back.

After taking some time to see friends and family, and then getting sick during said time off, and having a hard time shaking it off, I finally realised that I had been giving myself a little too many things to do. With a combination of general life, blog, writing, work, Uni, a work placement, trying to open a shop and a to-do list of another thousand and one things that I wanted to be doing, I've realised that it's not quite going to work that way. Luckily, all of the fun things that I want to be doing, really can wait a little longer, while I get the important stuff out of the way. So I'm giving myself some time over the next few weeks to take things a little slower than before, simplifying my schedule and things to do, to make things just that little bit easier. Blogging will still be going ahead, I may just taking a little longer to respond. But I'm most definitely still here, and will be coming back as soon as life allows! It's really made me realise that most of the time, things can wait, and it's far more important to take time and do things properly, and not put too much pressure on yourself!

The one thing I feel I've missed out during my little internet hiatus is reading blogs, so I'd love it if you'd share some of your favourite recent reads below!

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