A Little Lush Haul

lush lush2 Lush Bath Bombs: 
Sex Bomb 
May Day
Think Pink

Sometimes the only thing you need after a busy or stressful day is to wind down in the bath. The past few weeks (and the next few to come) have proven to be fairly stressful for me thanks to lots of work and assessments, and most of the time all I want in the evenings is a bit of peace and quiet, and some much needed rest and relaxation. Now while it’s not awful, my bathroom in a shared student house isn’t exactly spa worthy, but with the addition of some fragrance, bubbles and candles, it’s not a million miles away! A little while ago I stopped by Lush to pick up some treats for times like those, and they seem to be doing the trick! I picked up four new (to me, I’m quite a Lush newbie you see!) bath bombs that even in solid form have been adding a luxurious, calming fragrance so far. I’ve only used one so far – check out that Cat In The Hat-esq pink bath from the 'Sex Bomb', which was absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited to try out the other three!

What are your favourite bath bombs from Lush? I'm looking forward to trying out a few more!

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