Food: Peter's Menu at GBK

gbk1 gbk2 gbk3 gbk4gbk5gbk6 Recently I was very kindly invited along to my local Gourmet Burger Kitchen to try out their new summer menu. The award-winning chef Peter Gordon, who created the original GBK menu, has created an exclusive new menu  for this summer, adding an interesting twist to the classic burgers and chips! The menu contains...

The Duck Confit Burger was magnificent. I'd usually always choose a classic beef burger over anything 'fancy' but this really was something special. Beautifully cooked, tender duck layered with creamy pate was offset with crunchy onions and rocket, and topped with a delicious sweet and spicy jam that together made the most wonderful taste sensation. It would make a perfect lighter option for summer evenings, especially when paired with a slaw. Unfortunately they were all out of the Summer Homeslaw, but I didn't mind too much seeing as the regular Homeslaw is probably my favourite slaw ever, and I've yet to find anything that compares. It's vinaigrette based rather than creamy and goes so well with burgers! The Sweet Potato Fries were incredible and are one of those dishes that you just can't get out of your head after eating. The dukkah added a gorgeous earthy, nutty flavour, and I have to say that they may well have been the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. The combination and flavours of all three dishes made me think of late summer evenings and festival food; a really lovely twist on the classic menu. I absolutely loved my meal and I'd really recommend checking out this new menu!

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