Lovely Things #10

lt10 lt102 I'm feeling really grateful that this week has been a lot more lovely than the last! I feel like I'm finally on the mend and beginning to get back on top of things that may have been getting a little overwhelming. These posts have definitely helped, it's so easy to slip into negative thoughts when things are tricky, and I have found that trying to catch on to little rays of positivity definitely makes everything seem a little brighter! So, this week...

* The Ladyboys of Bangkok. One evening this week, I was kindly invited along to an annual performance in Victoria Gardens. I went last year and loved it, and this year I loved it even more. It's such an entertaining show filled with ridiculous antics and some cracking show-tunes, if you're in Brighton with an evening to spare before May 30th, I'd definitely recommend getting some tickets!

* Having some time. I felt like I was a lot more on top of things work-wise this week, and so in turn had some more time for myself, which felt like a real treat. After giving myself some time to rest and recuperate, I was able to give more time to photography which I was really missing! This means I've also got some lovely blog posts lined up too, which I'm proud of myself for fitting into a busy time!

* Framing. I finally picked up some frames to put some prints up in my room that had been sitting in a box for ages! I managed to get four frames for £9 in Tiger which was a bargain. You can see one in the picture above, but I'm planning on sharing the rest in a little post about decorating. That distressed gold frame was my favourite!

* Flowers. My lovely boyfriend came home and surprised me with the sweetest little rose plant you ever did see! It's the most gorgeous shade of pink and features the cutest, delicate little flowers. I'm now going to try my best to look after it and keep it alive!

* Treat yo'self. I had a day to myself yesterday and so decided I would have a little me-time! I started the day with the most amazing massage at Papillon Treatments which I'd highly recommend, Viv is a miracle worker and has rescued my sore back and shoulders, and has left me feeling so much better for it! I then had a little shop, came home and had some blog time, followed by a lush bubble bath and an early night. Bliss!

What are your lovely things from this week?

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