Lovely Things #11

lt11 *Frappuccino Happy Hour I realise it may well look like I'm sponsored by Starbucks, but sadly I am not (though Starbucks, if you're reading...). For the next week or so from 3-5, Frappuccinos are half price. Amazing! I took full advantage of this the other day with a Java Chip; the only thing better than blended coffee and chocolate chips, is half price blended coffee and chocolate chips!

*New Bag I've been feeling like the luckiest lady in the world after winning a Radley instagram giveaway and the most beautiful bag arrived at my house! I chose the Borough Market Tote in light blue, and I absolutely adore it! Keep your eyes peeled for  a new 'what's in my bag' post coming soon!

*Brighter colours I feel like I'd got into a bit of a monotonous colour phase again, wearing far too much black, with nude/neutral makeup and greige nail polish. I've been trying to mix things up a bit and so this week have been opting for pink lipstick, turquoise nail polish, and added a little bit more colour onto the blog to mix things up a bit! Would love to hear your thoughts on the new polkadotty additions, it's not the neatest background but at least it's a little more colourful!

*Grabbing a moment This week actually ended up being hectic and rather busy, and what with my work commitments, Loz's work and crazy gig schedule this week, for a couple of days we only managed to see each other for 20 minutes or so. It's funny how even when you live with someone you can end up not seeing each other at all, so we made the most of what we had and managed to grab a few moments here and there to sit down with a coffee and catch up. Which was rather lovely!

What are your lovely things from this week?

PS! The lovely Lyndsay of Fizzy Peaches has started a little lifestyle link up on Sunday's. I'm joining in, and you totally should too!

Lifestyle Link-up

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