Lovely Things #12

lt12 This week was back to full on levels of business with it being the last week before half term (as I'm currently in school) and with lots to be getting on with both at work and home. It still was rather lovely so I thought I'd share a few!

*Looking ahead. Completing this week means that I only have 3 weeks left of my work placement, meaning 3 weeks until I'm finished with Uni forever, which is a rather crazy prospect! It's also only 3 days until my birthday now too, which is rather exciting! At what age are you too old to stop getting excited about birthdays? I'm not sure I'm there yet...

*Eating well.  As you'll see in an upcoming post this week, I've very kindly been sent a recipe box from Riverford to try out. Spoiler alert, I'm absolutely loving it and we feel like we've been eating so well at home! Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

*Planning. The arrival of a few days off has meant that I've had some time to get back on with my planner/pens/washi/sticker addiction and I'm loving it! Bearing in mind that everythings about to rather dramatically change for me life-wise in just under a month, it's so exciting to start getting all my goals and plans down on paper! [planners shown, Large Pink Time Planner and Medium Lilac Time planner from Kikki K, and Filofax Compact Personal Organiser in Duck Egg]

What are your lovely things from this week?

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