Lovely Things #9

plant In all honesty, I didn't feel like writing this today. Yesterday brought challenges and an awful incident that left me questioning whether anything was in fact lovely at all. I felt so rubbish that I just wanted to curl into bed and not come out, but then realised that I would continue to feel like that unless I did anything about it, and so here we are. Even when things are really rather bad, there are always little things to catch onto to pull yourself up. Little rays of sunshine that if you can catch them, will help everything else seem a little bit brighter. So that's my lovely thing for today; just a little thought, that even when life feels impossible, trying hard to find something good can help even the worst days seem that little bit better. Always try to look for something, no matter how small, that managed to lighten your mood a little, and I promise it will help.

So, my little lovely things for this week:
* I rearranged my room to try and maximise the amount of natural light, and it feels as though it's working. It's also much tidier than it was, which is a definite bonus.
* To celebrate said tidy room, I bought a plant. Any tips on keeping a Hibiscus alive are much appreciated!

Here's to a better one next week!

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