Tech for a Coffee Addict

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Lily X Coffee Case for iPhone 5 - c/o Iconemesis

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I drink a lot of coffee. When I wake up, I’m drinking coffee. When I’m working and writing, I’m drinking coffee. When I’m meeting friends, we’re drinking coffee, and when I’m sleepy, grouchy, or just bored, chances are I’m drinking coffee. Therefore, you can imagine, I end up taking an awful lot of snaps involving coffee! When the lovely people at Iconemesis got in touch and let me pick out a case from their lovely collection, you can probably imagine which one I went for!

 I absolutely adore this lovely little case featuring the sweetest coffee design by Lily X. It’s covered in cute drawings of lots of different types of coffees. As a bit of a Frappuccino addict, the Java Chip in the centre was what caught my eye originally, but each of the tiny little designs is cuter than the next! The collection is filled with a range of cute designs for iPhone 5 like mine, and even more for the iPhone 6! If you're after a new case, I'd recommend you take a look at Iconemesis!

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