Dragonfly Tea: Brewed With A View

dragonfly1 dragonfly2 dragonfly3 dragonfly4 If I were to sit down and write a list of my favourite things, the top 5 would include tea, books and the exploring. Last week, a little package popped through my door that magically encapsulated all three. Dragonfly Tea, a sweet little company who make beautiful teas (their Earl Grey Rooibus is one of my favourites!) have created an extra special limited edition guide book featuring samples of their most wonderful teas and information and photographs about where each comes from, or would be best enjoyed! They have matched up some of Britain's most wonderful locations with a loose leaf tea that would best suit it, including facts and information and some stunning photography. Having visited some of the places myself, including the Roman Baths at Bath, it was really wonderful to enjoy a cup while finding out more about the locations. The teas themselves are stunning, including a heavenly Orchid scented Green Tea which I'm now planning an order for! It's a really wonderful way to try out a new selection of teas, and would make the most wonderful gift for a tea lover or adventurer! The book is limited edition so I'd check it out before it disappears, and it's also currently available for an introductory price of £10.98. It's available to buy on the Dragonfly Tea Website, and you can read more information here.

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